wilderness discipleship

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What it is:

Venture Off specializes in using the wilderness to create an environment where the Holy Spirit can speak clearly to us. On our RENEW trips, we use outdoor sports such as rock climbing and canyoneering to push clients outside of their comfort zones. In doing so, we want to promote team unity, teach new skills, and create an environment to facilitate spiritual growth.

Why the outdoors:

When we look at the Bible, we see God routinely using the wilderness as a way to demonstrate His power and produce spiritual growth in His followers. Think about it: Israel saw many miracles while they were wandering in the wilderness; God spoke to Elijah in a whisper while he was in a cave; Jesus healed the demon-possessed man and calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee; the list could go on. We believe the wilderness provides a one-of-a-kind venue where we can unplug from distractions and listen to the ways that God is speaking to each of us.

Who is it for:

Our trips are designed for groups of 4 to 10 people who are seeking to deepen their walks with Jesus. They are ideal for life groups, families, serve teams, and young adult groups. By limiting group size, our hope is to create a more intimate atmosphere for fellowship and discipleship. Experience in the outdoors is not required.


Citadel Travere, Weekend Trip

We’ve all heard the term “spiritual high” to describe an experience that caused a temporary season of spiritual growth. But how do we sustain this growth to last beyond a brief season? During this 2-day trip, experience intimacy with Christ that lasts much longer than the 13,000 foot alpine traverse. During this trip, we will dig into scripture to look at the life of Peter and learn how to sustain transformational growth throughout our lives.

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Lime Creek, Long Weekend Trip

Is there someone in your life who is seeking truth? Are they searching for a deeper purpose? Invite them to join you on a 4-day journey into Colorado’s high country! Within this trip, it is not our goal to force our faith upon non-believers. Our purpose is not to convert them using pushy, high-pressure conversations. We simply want to create a space where we can enjoy nature and answer questions about Christianity. Throughout the weekend, we hope to have open dialogues about some of the deeper questions about life.  

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San Juan Backpacking, Expedition length

Our comfort zone is just that: comfortable. But what lies beyond the borders that we set for ourselves? God calls each one of us into an adventure with Him that stretches beyond our limits, revealing our never-ending reliance on Him. In this week-long expedition, we will examine biblical characters who demonstrated boldness by stepping outside of their comfort zones. As a group, we will discuss these stories and challenge one another to find ways to follow these figures’ examples in our everyday lives.

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