About Us

Why We Exist?

two people with their arms up in the wilderness

The Why


Our culture is becoming increasingly isolated, hopeless, and secular. Now more than ever, people need to be outdoors to experience Jesus through community, beauty, and challenge. The bottom line is that there is something unique, sacred, and mystical about the wilderness. No other environment can open the heart to the things of God better than His creation. We want to capitalize on that environment by creating community, making disciples, and drawing people closer to Jesus.

Canyoneering/Technical Adventures:

We really enjoy the challenge that technical and unique sports bring to our trips, and how well it compliments the challenge and focus required to further our relationship with each other and Jesus. Specifically, canyoneering is a sport that includes so many levels of dynamic elements and activity. Not only does it provide an opportunity to explore the outdoors, it’s also a great way to challenge yourself. Physically, it encourages strength, endurance, and agility, while mentally it allows for problem solving, navigation, and teamwork. Canyoneering also offers a chance to experience creation beyond just looking out on it, but rather allows you to witness the beauty completely surrounded by it.

Who We Serve

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Venture Off Staff are experienced and qualified outdoor experts committed to Jesus and safely guiding students through challenging and unexpected environments. They are certified as Wilderness First Responders and hold various other certifications in their area of expertise. Staff is trained to identify, assess and approach obstacles as a learning tool, to be managed but not eliminated, to provide students with the opportunity to gain insights and perspectives into their capabilities.

On a Venture Off trip, although all within a person’s capability you will live and travel in wilderness settings that will open you to certain risks. We believe those risks will give you rare opportunities to gain insight, grow in self-awareness, and change perspectives when necessary. Overcoming risk and uncertainty are central to the concept of adventure.

We have more than twenty years of experience leading groups into the wild. We have qualified leaders with many hours of experience in all the areas of skill and discipline that we will encounter.

The ability to communicate with emergency help is always a priority with us. On each trip, we bring Garmin Inreach devices. Through satellite technology, these devices allow the sending of messages and contacting search and rescue support. Our devices also allow family and friends to track our progress and view our location on Google maps.
group looking over the canyons

Brief History

VENTURE OFF is a Christian organization that started in the summer of 2009 with a heart to disciple students and increase their passion for Jesus. The founders of Venture Off recognized that the wilderness provides a unique opportunity to remove distractions, challenge people physically, and increase their dependency on Jesus and each other.

Since its inception, Venture Off has led hundreds of students from churches, schools, and other organizations on outdoor adventures. These adventures have taken place in a variety of wilderness settings, including Utah Canyons, Colorado Mountains, and the jungles of Puerto Rico.  

The organization's approach to discipleship is grounded in the belief that the wilderness can be a catalyst for spiritual growth. By challenging students to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and rely on their faith and one another, Venture Off aims to create an environment that facilitates spiritual transformation.

Through the years, Venture Off has established a reputation as a trusted provider of outdoor discipleship experiences. The organization has worked with a variety of groups, ranging from youth groups to college ministries to family retreats.

Today, Venture Off continues to be driven by its founding vision of using the wilderness to ignite a passion for Jesus. As the organization looks to the future, it remains committed to serving students and helping them grow in their faith through outdoor adventures.

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