Summit Ministries


September 21, 2023

Summit Ministries

A part of what we get to do is partner with other schools and ministries and support their vision for a trip while still taking them on an adventure they won’t forget through the canyonlands. Summit Ministries is our biggest trip of the year, with a typical headcount of around 50 students. During this trip we split the group up and make our way through the canyon encouraging the students to step up and look out for their fellow classmates as we navigate through the canyons together. We always love to see the growth in confidence on challenges like rappelling from the students as many of them have never experienced the outdoors to the capacity that we do on these trips. Our guides enjoy getting to know more about them, and forming connections and friendships with this group is always a highlight. It blesses us to work alongside other ministries and share in the joys that come out of these trips together.

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