Palo Duro Canyon

Grace Covenant Academy

February 17, 2023

Palo Duro Canyon

We took Grace Covenant Academy  on a canyoneering training trip that was a thrilling experience for all involved. The trip was designed to teach students the basics of canyoneering, anchor building, rigging, and rappelling. We enjoyed camping and community building while learning these new skills.

The students were able to develop a good understanding of the proper techniques and equipment required to safely navigate the canyons. They learned how to build anchors, rig ropes, and rappel with confidence. Additionally, we were able to experience the beauty of nature and explore landscapes in a way that is not possible through traditional hiking.

Overall, this canyoneering training trip was a great success. The students left with a new skill set, a greater appreciation for the outdoors, and an understanding of the importance of teamwork and community building. We look forward to continuing to provide these unique experiences for our students in the future.

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