Canyoneering ADV 1


October 11, 2023

Canyoneering ADV 1

Canyoneering in the fall with a crew of spunky, adventurous high schoolers is always an exciting time, and this experience was nothing different. We began the trip by attempting to do a night canyon, but getting a little lost on the way required us to return to camp early, but the class all stayed in high spirits and were ready to conquer the canyons in the morning. Often, things do not go totally according to plan on these trips, but having a group with open minds and plenty of energy makes even the most inconvenient situations a fun memory. The next two days were filled with awesome views, exceptional repels, laughs around the campfire, and incredibly bonding moments for the class. We also got a once in a lifetime experience of seeing a solar ecipse out in the desert! When we finally did make it through the night canyon later in the trip, it was exponentially better as it had been long awaited for and a beautiful clear night to be out enjoying God's unique creation!

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